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omg! an update!

Well, let's see. I moved out of the apartment and back into my parents' house. I quit my shitty job at Cici's and decided not to pursue another job for awhile. Instead, I've been cleaning this house out like crazy. I had tons of old stuffed animals, jewelry, clothes, etc that I no longer have any use for and as soon as I finally get pictures taken of all of it, I'm going to try to sell it on ebay.

I've also been craving yardwork lately, no idea why. But I certainly have enough of it to occupy me here. So when I've not been cleaning out my room and sorting through old papers I've been outside digging in the dirt and pulling up weeds. And aside from that I've been fucking around with the computer, trying to get the cable modem to work for all 3 computers, but that requires repartitioning the hard drive so that I can install linux... which means sorting through what I want to save off the hard drive... and that'll take a while.

For the 4th of July we had a barbeque of sorts. It was nice. My brother and his girlfriend went down to Ava to camp with some of my brother's friends, and they got rained on. Then they spent the night at our house because it was supposed to continue raining all weekend. ;)  It was nice to see them though.

Last weekend I took my grandma and my uncle down to visit my aunt. 3 of my cousins were down there with all their kids, and we all went swimming and jet skiing and stuff. That was kinda cool. I'd never driven a jet ski before, but I'm not as enthralled with all that stuff (ie 4 wheeling and other recreational vehicles) as other people are. My uncle Tom drove his boat and my cousin Dusty tried to water ski... "oh oh he's up! no... he's down" but he finally did stay up for a while... until they had to go rescue Whitney, who had been driving the jet ski until it ran out of gas and she was marooned in the middle of the lake.  Tommy and Julie's family are mormans though, so it was kinda weird for me to try to remember what words I wasn't supposed to say. Ultimately, I just ended up being rather quiet.  My dad got in a big water fight with the little kids... that was amusing.  I think I made a faux pas at dinner time... they said they were going to say grace before dinner (being an atheist, I'm not even accustomed to that at all, but in my experience, it was always done after everyone got their food and sat down, but before they start eating) so I went in the kitchen to get food because I'm small and quick and wanted to get it before everyone else started milling around... I got called a cow and shooed back out into the living room! hehe... woops! I went outside then and ate with the kids cuz I felt guilty ( I guess the kids were supposed to get their food first or something... wtf? When I was a kid, it was everyone fend for themself) After they finished eating the kids found some frisbees and started throwing those around... there were 3 little girls, 1 little boy, me and my dad and my cousin mike... throwing around 4 frisbees all at once. Chaos, needless to say. It was fun though. It helped me figure out which girl was which, because they all look very much alike. And their names are Kensey, Macy and Addie... so it's very easy to confuse them.

On the drive down there, we loaded my bike and my dad's bike onto the bike rack and it seemed very secure, but we hadn't gone 10 miles down the road when the ropes snapped and the whole rack, bikes and all was dragging along behind my car! I was pretty scared, because I couldn't see where the bikes had gone and I was afraid they might have knocked out my taillights or something, but I couldn't stop too quickly because it was a two way road with nowhere to pull off really and there was a car right behind me. So I slowed down and pulled as far over to the side as I could and my dad got out to see wtf was going on. My bike had been  drug on the road for a little ways and it was all bent up. My dad's bike was pretty much alright, except the seat is all smashed up. It's okay, because I had been wanting a new bike anyways. But we had to stick the bikes in the trunk and bring them back home, so that made us later than expected... not to mention that we got lost down there, as we ALWAYS do. It's way down in the middle of nowhere and there are all these little twisty hilly roads that look alike. Anyways, we only made one wrong turn, so we weren't THAT late.

The other day Louis and I went to this Peace Network of the Ozarks meeting thing, which was kinda nifty. They showed us a movie/ videos about 9-11 conspiracy stuff, which was kinda cool, but I think some of it's a little far fetched. However, it was cool to talk to people who aren't like "blow up Iraq, those fuckers deserve it!"

I'll probably make a website to host pictures for ebay whenever I figure out what the hell my mediacom username is.. the guy didn't write it down for us, so I've been trying all the different combinations I could think of, but none of them have worked thus far. I wish I hadn't forgotten to take my digital camera down to the lake, but alas, it is so. So no cute pictures of little kiddies and mormons.

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