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and all that she loved she loved alone

sometimes there seem to be so many possible perspectives from which to view things. Like, are people predictable by who they interact with. You know how somone you know well can be depended on to say a certain catch phrase in particular instances.. at least with you. But they may seem to take on a whole different persona with someone else. Are they forever limited to a certain amount of interactions with this certain person? or is it possibly infinite? Even if it is, can they achieve the maximum amount of possibilities? Why do they get stuck in the same circles.... Why can't we transcend and be a different person each day... or at least react differently to the same person instead of having the same discussions repeatedly? Surely there's no way that two individuals have had every conversation possible. And yet the feeling of deja vu, as if it's all been said and done before. Maybe our brains are just too set in the limited neural pathways we established as children to be capable of acting in the way we see others doing. This is all pointless... I know. But intriguing to me....

Once upon a time there was a girl, who was very much alone in the world, and very used to being alone, even though she still felt the longing of having someone to share all her love and the beauty of the world through her eyes. Then she met a beautiful, wonderful boy, who made her feel much more special than she had any right to feel. He loved her and lavished her with attention, affection, and kisses, and she fell utterly in love.They quickly moved in together and got along famously... she was so happy to have such a sweet and caring boy to hold and kiss--she had received a good portion of her lifelong dream. She woke up each morning in his harms, warm and secure and infinitely happy. They both worked together to achieve their goals... she helped him when things weren't going his way, and he helped her and cheered her up when she was down. She helped him find a good job and he helped her find a better one, and they both saved their money until they could afford to pay for his education and to move into a differnt place. There they planted a garden with flowers of all sorts and vegetables and herbs, and they both excelled at their studies and were able to buy many things because their jobs were going well. Most of all they loved each other and were always supportive and honest. In this way, they could achieve/conquer any obstacle, both knowing their love was stronger than any little thing that might try to come between them.

I knew I would always have to rely on myself. I can comfort myself. I love myself most, of course. But I do love him an awful lot too..

It'd be nice if he could believe in a happy future for us, as I do.

oh well.
I know everything will be okay.
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