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the dreams in which I'm dying are the best I've ever had...

2 fucked up dreams:

All I can remember about the first was there was something wrong with my cat. Like, she couldn't jump right anymore. And my dad saw this, so he like, started chopping pieces off of her body!!! AHHH!!! I cannot tell you how disturbing this dream was to me!!! I was like screaming and crying in the dream and I woke up and felt physically sick. I yelled at him in the dream to stop! And he looked at me funny and said something about how it was best that way, but he stopped, and she was all bleeding and her ear was laying on the floor and one of her legs...Q!@#$)(*#&@$ *cries*

It was so disturbing it took me a whole week to be able to write this about it...


Other strange dream consists of two parts, and I actually had it last night. I was in some big hauntedish mansion and .. apparently Hayden was with me? I don't remember why we were there or where it was... anyways, we went into this room and we were going to fuck... and so we started having sex and then this ghost of... his brrother? interrupted us, and we freaked out because it had caught us.. (not because it was a ghost) And it sucked cuz I was really horny. can I please have a COMPLETE sex dream? ;)

Then there was like another part... which was also about a haunted house, but I was driving along with ? someone... I can't remember who, and we were looking for a certain address... 920 I think, because we were supposed to do something in the house... I don't remember what. but there was no house there, it was just a vacant lot, but we knew it was supposed to be there because we'd been in it before... And then we drove down the street on the other side of it and it was there... weird... and then my alarm clock went off...

Time to go take a shower now.
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