lustingblood (lustingblood) wrote,


just when you think things can't get any worse...

snowing sleeting nasty shit again

did calculus problems for 5 hours straight...

haven't been able to run today...

ate too much...

had a chemistry test today
calc test friday
mythology and physiology test next week. work friday night and sunday morning and monday night.

i think i'm failing at my life right now...
i feel like i'm running as hard as i can and not even standing still...

i wish i'd never decided i could prove everyone wrong and be good at everything. why am i such an arrogant bitch? why did i forget how much I hate math and physics?


bitch bitch bitch bitch bitch. :P

anyways... here's something a little more interesting to post about...

I had to get all pissed off at work the other day, because some poor unsuspecting woman had the audacity to breast feed her child in the restaurant. GASP. that's right. She was feeding her child in the place where everyone else eats. I got SO fucking pissed off because some of my coworkers, who shall remain nameless here (mostly because I forget who) were making a big deal out of it: "ew, that is so gross, we should report her for indecent exposure"

OKAY... May I please mention the fact that these same little buxom girls go around with their tits flopping out of their shirts all the time, coming in to cici's on their day off and flirting with the boss in order to get him to let them go home early early? I mean, I have no problem with what they do. hey, if you got it, flaunt it. But don't be a fucking hypocrite! And also, may I please bring it to the collective attention of.. hmm.. the western culture as a whole that the primary fucking purpose of those sacs of fat is to feed the offspring! YES... that is what they are for!! Not for sticking silicone into in order to make nice flotation devices. And anyway... as for being grossed out by seeing unattractive people naked... suck it up... you're not all gonna be young and pretty for the rest of your life. In fact, no one is. So quit being so fucking judgemental. Babies need to eat, breast feeding is the natural way to do it, and a restaurant is a place of eating.. why the fuck SHOULD she cover it up with a blanket? the kid's head is covering her nipple, and if you're staring in the first place, that's your problem, avert your eyes if you're too fucking insecure to handle a little nudity. Yes, I said fucking a lot. that is my word. I am a little pissed. I'm sorry. NO I'm not. You should be sorry. Your society made me the way I am.. yes.. I blame you.

With that said, I'm going to go find a more productive way to waste time.
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