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When I had to walk to class! God damn.. THis is SO not even fair. FUCK winter. Fucking fuckity fuck! I think my nipples froze off and are lost somewhere...

In other news... I don't waAAAAAAAAAnna go to work.. *whines*

And I don't have much food. Why do other people eat my soy burgers?? why? why? be a good carnivore and eat your dead animals. I know you're going to anyway so leave MY food alone! Dammit.


Physiology is more disturbing to me than I like to admit. We kill multitudes of frogs in that class. I know it's not like they're endangered or anything.. but it seems so horrible that these poor things are bred just for the purpose of being killed (it is a painless death at least). *sigh* what am I going to do? My frog yesterday was so cute and animated and hopping around and blinking lots and then the lab instructor had to pith him and make him brain dead and he came back all limp and subdued. Ugh... even if it didn't hurt him it made me so sad...

I think there was something else I wanted to write about, but I forgot what it was, so you luck out for now :)

Anyways, I'm enjoying my new shirt from ebay, and feeling fairly pretty today, so I took pics. Yes, lotsa pics. Enjoy :)

***Edit The website that hosted these pics is gone. ***

Okay, sorry there were so many. I just felt like posting them. yes I'm a vain superficial attention hungry person and people seem to appreciate it, so anyone that has anything nasty to say about it, fuck off.
Otherwise, have a nice day. Time for me to go get ready for work. *spontaneous vomitting incurs*

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