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Broken thoughts I cannot repair

As I was walking down the stair, I met a girl who wasn't there...

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8 November
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For a while I was lost within your soul
Ere I looked into your bottomless eyes
Too short, or too long, you made me whole
But innocence is lost as true love dies

I thought I would make you mine, in time
That my obsession could conquer this pain
The harder I tried, the more sinister the crime
My innocence was compromised in the game

I got lost out there, in that deceptive world
Shady intentions obscure truth's light
From my isolation I was ecstaticly hurled
Into this most desolate plight

I would never be the same, as your trust abruptly shattered
I sought to be an entity in myself
But you were the only thing that ever mattered

For what I held in my arms was an illusion
Nothing more than a simple reflection
But, true love: your soul was forsaken
From without your heart I was taken

Forever and always are no more
Never reigns eternal:
For you, my love, will never grace my door
All my fantastical dreams are broken

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