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It's unseasonably warm outside. Not that I'm complaining or anything. It just doesn't inspire me to want to sit in class (and work) all day when Hayden and I could be out having picnics or hiking or something fun like that. Oh well. I'm halfway through the semester already. Surely I can make it. And I actually got a 95% on my last organic chemistry test!!!!! I was so fucking happy!! I was expecting a B or a C. But this.. ah, this is sweet. And the really amazing thing is .. get this. I actually have a boyfriend who helps me with my homework now. Can you imagine that? I couldn't. I'm pretty sure I wouldn't have gotten an A if he hadn't used his uber 3-d equipped brain and finally simplified the whole R, S designation for me. My brain only does 2d. I know this. Too bad the chemistry teacher can't accommodate my handicaps.

Anyways... I'm happy. I'm ready for spring break though. Oh-so-ready. I never seem to have any free time lately. I really do work way too hard. Thank dog that I dropped calculus. I would be dead if I hadn't.

So, for all of you that haven't already figured it out, I have a live-in boyfriend now. We got all his stuff moved in and I think he's settling in pretty well. I hope. I love having him around. His cats are getting settled in as well. They are no longer spontaneously coughing up the red goo that constitutes half digested meow mix. That's always a good sign. They are really cute kitties though. I'm growing rather fond of them. I do miss Luci a little, but I'd never planned on her sticking around forever anyways. She's a free spirit, as am I, and if she loves me she may come back, and I'll still put food out for her. We tried letting all the cats mingle inside, but it was obviously not going to work. Luci immediately staked out the highest ground she could achieve in the living room and made ominous gurgling noises any time one of the other cats came within 10 feet of her, or looked at her... or breathed. So, yeah. I lost a kitty but gained a fantastic, wonderful, beautiful boy and two sweet little kittens who DONT wake me up meowing at 5 am. So I'm sure it's worth it. Hell, there was never any question about it.

Oh, another thing.. I have a pentium 4 3.0 ghz processor sitting on my desk. Next to my new syntax motherboard that supports up to 4 gb of ram and other such lovelies... and I'm getting an 80 gig hdd to go in it once the raincheck comes through... and either 1 or 2 gigs of dual channel pc3200 400 mhz ddr ram... and a 256 mb geforce video card. It's gonna be sweet.. now if only some day a 17" lcd monitor would just magically appear in my apartment.. *sigh*. But yeh, my computer is gonna kick ass when I get it all put together. I can't wait... Well actually I can, because once I have it running, I know I won't be able to tear myself away from it for a few days (weeks?) and I'm having enough trouble tearing myself away from Hayden to do homework as it is.

and here's the obligatory pic of us. not the greatest pic of me but you can see that's not the real focal point of the picture.

Well, that's all I have for now.

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