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I hate the sound of people masticating. Ew gross. Just the sound of wet squishy chewing. Please close your mouth when you eat. And try not to be too disgusting about it.

And I hate when people compulsively scratch. The sound of their scratching.. it's like I'm trying to concentrate and all I can hear is your skin rasping on itself and flaking off into the air. Nasty.

No, I'm not very tolerant.

On a completely unrelated note, the urethra on the female body should not be located anywhere near the vagina. No, I won't explain. It's just common sense. Why would you want to put the two so close together? Evolution, you fucked up. Please work on a better model.

My life has been very chaotic lately, in that I don't know where I will be or what I will be doing from one day to the next. And I don't mind that in and of itself. But it looks like I'm going to drop calculus class now, and Hayden is moving in with us. I am very happy about both of these things. But they both worry me a little as well. I mean, I don't know if I drop calculus if I will need to pick up another credit hour in its place and if my scholarship will pay for that, or if I will have to pay for it... and I don't know if Hayden will be happy here. I mean, I don't foresee me having any problems at all with him, but I'm still so worried that he will be disappointed with me. I don't know, he really hit it off with my roommate, so hopefully where I fall short she can pick up the slack. And hopefully if I drop calculus I will have a little more free time. I just don't want him to be bored and lonely and stuff.

I guess Natalie, Emily, Barbie and I are going out to some haunted place tonight, so that may be cool.

Ah... well... I'm not too worried about having Hayden around. He makes the apartment feel infinitely more like home. And I could certainly get used to sharing my bed with him ;)
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