lustingblood (lustingblood) wrote,

shitty poetry inspired by approach avoidance attitudes toward homework and my own personal muse...

the humming computer drones
lulling me into the
clover green fingercut grass
of your sunshine touch
light blue dragonfly wings
kitty whisker melody in my ears
checkerboard civilization lost to entropic
curves in your
hair hips arms beauty love
breeze of the river
canyons of blue in your eyes
making me a star
but the water is warm
in the depths of the night where no one
dare venture
but vampires and vixens feeding on the gluttony
of too much love thrown
to the winds
of time
out there with the comfort of self proclaimed
psychotic antidepressant silhouettes
they make paperdolls and build them sawdust dreams
chasing dust bunnies through fishnet hoops trying to
tightrope walk the thread of the needle
through joe camel's eye.
but I have sandcastle dreams to wash away
the sand doesn't melt into glass but it
reparticulates and
never gives up fighting the tides, but
doesn't let me shape it permanently
you can come inside and
we will drift away in the hydrogen bonds
kelp and mermaids, oysters hidden pearls of aggravation
to somewhere else
where I can give you the universe.
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