lustingblood (lustingblood) wrote,

I am awesome

I got a C on my Calculus test. I know, that doesn't sound like something to celebrate, but considering the people around me that I could see their test scores... two D's and an F.. I'm feeling pretty damn good.

Good to know I'm still smart and CAN do anything I want. It's just a damn hard class. I thought maybe I'd become utterly stupid for a while there... but I feel better now. And it's sunny outside. And I think I'm gonna get my eyebrow pierced soon... There is much to celebrate in my world today. I also got a B on my organic test which I'm a little disappointed in, because I could have gotten an A. But alas, all the time sacrificed to study futile calculus brought that grade down. Oh well. I will do better next time... *promises self*

The world is good, and I love you, and you, and especially you...

off to work now..
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