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mourning for those things lost..

I don't think Luci is coming back.. :(
She's been gone for almost a week...
I hope nothing bad happened to her.
I wish.. I wish I could have taken better care of her.
I took her for granted.
If I see her sweet little body on the side of the road somewhere... I will never forgive myself

I should have made her an indoor cat
I shouldn't have worried about david finding out or Jenn bitching...
She just seemed like she liked it outside... I didn't want to ruin her freedom
And I thought she could take care of herself.
I hope, I hope that she has just found another home where they are able to better care for her.
Sweet little girl.
I miss your flat little face and your mischievous eyes already and the way you'd butt your head up against my nose and kiss me

Maybe she will come back...
I will take better care of her if she does. I will get a litter box and David can fuck himself if he tries to make me pay a pet deposit. I will hide her.. *sighs*

Even though she was annoying as hell for always waking me up in the wee hours wanting me to pay attention to her... none of that seems to matter.
She was so sweet and loving and I miss her.

*sniffles* Yes I am crying over a stray cat... don't laugh. She was a better friend than many of the people I know.

And to add to that.. I was looking at some old pictures (yes, I do mean OLD) and I saw myself wearing my favorite pair of black jeans.. and I realized I haven't worn them in forever. And realized I don't know where they are. I went on a mission searching for them and cannot find them anywhere! What happened to them? dammit.

Can I just for once not lose everything I love?

I'll be okay. I'm pretty sure Luci is not hurt (I really really hope). She is quite the solicitor. Someone else probably took her in. I hope she has a wonderful life.

Ah god, my tattoo itches sooo bad! Someone, slap my hands to keep me from scratching!!! ARGH!

I'm going to go take a shower now and off to bed. Work sucked, I'm a little depressed, and I've had weird/freaky dreams lately. need some quality sleep badly.
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